Top 7 Most Read Articles in 2020, by Tom Davenport

Top 7 Most Read Articles in 2020
There is no consistent measurement system to accurately measure the popularity of articles across different publications, but LinkedIn views seems like a fair proxy.

That channel is emerging as a good place to distribute management and technology ideas. It’s also clear to me that digital channels are becoming much more influential among practitioners than print ones (perhaps surprising only to academics, who have traditionally published on paper).

I am grateful to all those who paid at least a modicum of attention to what I had to say in 2020—especially given all the distractions this year has offered. Happy 2021.

Establishing a New Chief Data and Analytics Role at Commerzbank (with Randy Bean)—Published in Forbes, perhaps this article got lots of click-throughs because it involves the creation of a new CDAO role in a large organization. Or maybe it wasinteresting because there are relatively few pieces about data science in Europe. Finally,perhaps Kerem Tomak, the CDAO we profiled, has a large fan club.
Getting Serious About Data and Data Science—Another MIT SMR article, this one with Tom Redman, suggesting that companies need to increase their commitment to all things data and data science if they want to succeed with them.
What Separates Analytical Leaders from Laggards (with Nitin Mittal and Irfan Saif)—An MIT Sloan Management Review article also suggesting that it’s culture that makes the difference—based on a Deloitte survey. Another news item: spreadsheets still the most popular analytics tool!
An Emerging Consensus Among Chief Data Officers—This Forbes post, co-authored with Randy Bean, describes a meeting of Chief Data Officers in which a consensus on key issues emerged, including “centralize data, decentralize analytics.
How to Make Better Decisions About Coronavirus—This MIT SMR article, about how to avoid cognitive biases in coronavirus decision-making, was only moderately popular on LinkedIn, but SMR listed it as the 6th most popular article of the year, so I’ve included it (as #6, appropriately).
How to Lead a Data-Driven Culture, a Harvard Business Review webinar sponsored by ThoughtSpot. I have been generally impressed this year by how much interest there is in data-driven cultures and how to create them.
Toyota Looks Pretty Smart Right Now on Autonomous Vehicles—Somewhat surprisingly, this short piece in Forbes on Toyota’s approach to self-driving cars captured a lot of interest—perhaps because it’s an alternative to all the early hype and hope on full autonomy. I didn’t post this one on LinkedIn, so the view counts are just from Forbes—hence the 5.5 ranking. 

Tom Davenport is a celebrated educator, speaker, and researcher who has been named one of the top three business/technology analysts in the world and one of the 100 most influential people in the IT industry. A pioneer in the field of analytics and big data, Tom is a trusted advisor to companies around the globe and an “energizing” speaker who keeps “the audience on the edge of their seats!” Tom’s latest book, The AI Advantage: How to Put the Artificial Intelligence Revolution to Work (Management on the Cutting Edge)has received wide praise and is being called “a fabulous guide to anyone faced with vendor hype and moonshot expectations of AI.”

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