1 Feb 2015

Professional Image Maintenance: How Women Navigate Pregnancy in the Workplace
Laura M. Little, Virginia Smith Major, Amanda S. Hinojosa, and Debra L. Nelson
AMJ 2015; 58: 8-37. [Abstract] [Full text] [PDF]

1 Dec 2016

Some Things Can Never Be Unseen: The Role of Context in Psychological Injury at War
Mark de Rond and Jaco Lok
AMJ 2016; 59: 1965-1993. [Abstract] [Full text] [PDF]

11 Jul 2017

Networks, Technology, and Entrepreneurship:
A Field Quasi-experiment among Women in Rural India

Viswanath Venkatesh, Jason D. Shaw, Tracy Ann Sykes, Samuel Fosso Wamba, and Mary Macharia
AMJ 2017; 60: 1709–1740. [Abstract] [Full text] [PDF]

Source: Academy of Management


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