Turning to artificial intelligence for competitive differentiation by Martyn Whistler, Associate Director, Knowledge, Ernst & Young LLP

Very often these days, we hear people expressing fear about how artificial intelligence (AI) will take over the world and rule humanity – or at least business life. Most of these conversations validate my own fears: that our own understanding of AI – both soft AI (which aids us in tasks such as sending texts, booking hotels or restaurant reservations and ordering taxis) and hard AI (which makes decisions on its own and mimics or even replaces human intelligence) – is inaccurate or incomplete.

We might not have realized it, but AI has become almost omnipresent now. It is part of virtual personal assistants, voice recognition software, call centers, weather forecasting, power grids and even large industrial processes. If you look at the conversations around digital in recent years, they have been mostly about connecting devices, networks and data to create a digital environment from where data can be collected and manipulated. By introducing AI into these connected environments, I believe it is possible to achieve results that have previously been considered impossible.

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