12th China International Competitive Intelligence Annual Conference: Shanghai, March 30-31, 2017

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Dear ,

I am very pleased to invite you to attend 2017 the 12th China Competitive Intelligence International Annual Conference  which will be held in Shanghai during March 30-31, 2017.China Institute of Competitive Intelligence (CICI), in partnership with Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) presents the 12th china International Competitive Intelligence annual conference in Shanghai, China. It is the sole and great opportunity to meet and build the networks with more than 200 CI professionals including CI directors, CI managers, industry analysts and C Level executives in shanghai China during the event .

It is my pleasure to formally invite you to attend this event on behalf of both SCIP and CICI.

Since 2015 Chinese government launch The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road initiatives( one belt one road,OBOR,(Issued by the National Development and Reform Commission),China and Pakistan launched the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor,many chinese biggest company want to invest and cooperate with Pakistan , But they need enough Industry CI to evaluat which industry or company can be cooperate or invest.It’s an biggest demand in china now.

So, through the 2017 shanghai CI event we can building the stable relationship with silk road along countries in CI field,and we will spread and exchange the CI services and idea to Israel, Turkey, Russia ,Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan,  Pakistan and China’s other neighboring countries.

It is my pleasure to formally invite you to attend this event on behalf of both SCIP and CICI.

China International Competitive Intelligence annual conference  will provide an international platform for the presentation, discussion and debate of diverse and professional approaches and research on recent developments in competitive intelligence and knowledge management.  Over 90% of our attendees are from the largest Chinese companies and top Multinational Corporations.

A little background on SCIP and CICI:

In our 31th year, SCIP is a global nonprofit membership organization designed to enhance the skills of knowledge professionals in order to help their companies. Its mission is to enhance the success of its members through leadership, education, advocacy, and networking. SCIP is one of the only global membership organizations in the field of competitive intelligence and business strategy.

We provide education and networking opportunities for business professionals working in the field of strategy and competitive intelligence. Our members are made up of four primary constituencies, including but not limited to corporate practitioners, consultants, vendor/suppliers, and academics. Corporate practitioners make up the largest percentage of the four groups. We also have a thriving chapter community in 52 locations globally.

China Institute of Competitive Intelligence (CICI) is the premiere competitive intelligence training company in China. Since the inception of CICI in 2002, more than 150 companies have worked with CICI to establish competitive intelligence capabilities and to train staff in intelligence methodologies. Over 4000 senior managers have attended competitive intelligence and analysis seminars taught by CICI.

China Institute of Competitive Intelligence 

CICI :cheuxue 18515935698/13366330746

Tel: (86 010) 88507861、88507862

Fax: (86 010) 88507872

Add: East Plaza 311, No.15 North Section of West Fourth Ring Road


Website: http://www.cichina.org   http://www.analyst.com.cn


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