Inteligência Competitiva Tecnológica: Pay Attention to These 4 New Chat Apps in 2016, by: Eden Ames – American Marketing Association

Messenger apps have accrued growing interest from marketers for their content sharing potential, sponsored sticker sales and use of chat bots. With 49% of mobile messaging app users between 18-29 years old (Pew Research Center), marketers targeting the millennial demographic would be wise to utilize the plethora of messenger apps today.

A recent story from Adweek highlights four messaging apps that are growing to prominence in the coming year. Here are those four, with stats from Adweek:

1. Kik
Global users: 240 million

Fun fact: Time spent per session: 35 minutes

Brands: MTV, K-Swiss, Twentieth Century Fox

What’s ahead in 2016: Better data-based targeting and metrics

2. Line
Global users: 212 million

Fun fact: 2014 revenue: $656 million

Brands: Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Amazon

What’s ahead in 2016: Branded emojis, sponsored chats

3. WeChat
Global users: 600 million

Fun fact: Tencent’s Q3 2015 revenue: $4.18 billion

Brands: Michael Kors, Starbucks, Infiniti

What’s ahead in 2016: Cheaper ads akin to Facebook promos that home in on consumer interests

4. Viber
Global users: 664 million

Fun fact: Acquired by Japanese Internet giant Rakuten for $900 million in 2014

Brands: Spotify, Barclays Center, Mashable

What’s ahead in 2016: Sponsored games, more branded accounts

Source: Eden Ames, American Marketing Association

Author Bio: Eden Ames is a digital content producer for the American Marketing Association. She may be reached at

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