Mark Savickas and Life Design – Theories Every Careers Adviser Should Know

Running In A Forest

Mark Savickas is a prolific writer on careers development and often found representing ideas such as constructivism and narrative approaches to careers theory. That said it is not always apparent what Savickas’s theory is, Savickas is not so obviously linked to one particular idea as other theorists are. That said I want to attempt in this article to pull some threads together and summarise someone I see as a very important theorist in the realm of careers development.

Savickas initially worked under Donald Super and there is a very clear legacy from Super in Savickas’ work. Savickas takes a developmental approach to career and particularly focuses in on the self-concept, how we see ourselves, as a fundamental aspect of career. Savickas for me does not so much have a theory or career as a philosophy, rather than one neat statement about some aspect of career Savickas throughout his work sketches…

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